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Edd Hogan - Sculptor

Edd Hogan - Sculptor

A native Southern California artist who did not follow a traditional art education career,  Edd trained himself as a welder, machinist, steel worker, and even a Grammy-award winning graphic designer for album packaging.

Despite his success in these areas, Edd needed to return to his first love, fine art.  His sculpture is a way for him to create and understand the third dimension that he can not see because of a rare visual disability. Instead of literal objects, Edd sees the world in forms and shapes, and therefore, draws inspiration from something in the sky, a pattern in the sand, water rushing down a gutter, a tree, music, or live performance.  

Edd has exhibited his work in galleries and museums throughout California and New Mexico with well-known artists such as Frank Romero, Gordon Wagner, Dennis Hilger, Ellen Waite, and many others.  He collaborates frequently with architects, interior designers and contractors to find the best piece and installation method for their clients' needs. 

To purchase or commission sculpture, contact Edd directly through the Contact Page linked above.